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Your KLI is Wonderful!

Your Kli the Site

The idea for this project from 2011 came from a job I had at an Israeli-run art information site, which caters to small and medium range collectors. My assignment was to gather information from the web, and I was working with a program that they developed, which was called KLI. The first time I came in for training, they wanted to explain why they chose this name. As it turned out, the reason was that they had offices in NYC, and they wanted the 'girls' there, as they referred to them, to call in with comments such as:

'The klee is wonderful!', 'The klee is working again', etc.

Here I should mention that in Hebrew the word klee means tool, and is also used as a euphemism for the male organ. In other words, the name was favored for its phallic connotations, and because they found the idea of the 'girls’' unintentional use of it, extremely amusing.

Feeling that I couldn`t pass on this golden opportunity, I decided to create my own joke, inspired by the pranksters. The result was an online media work which was built as a parody on art information and marketing sites. 'Your KLI is Wonderful!' had all the pages you would normally find on such a site; however, each part has undergone a parodic shift, deviating from their original marketing purpose. 


The site also featured eight drawings that were made specifically for the project.

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