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Artist Statement

My practice examines the thinness of the line that we tend to draw between reality and fiction. I`m inspired by the contradictions and strange juxtapositions that can be found around us in our everyday surroundings and my work stems from real life stories and images that I find peculiar and amusing, and at times troubling. Reframing them by moving them from the concrete to the fantastical, they are used to investigate new open-ended narratives that illuminate hidden cultural and societal undercurrents.

My work is intensely involved with themes concerning fluidity and transformations, be it of objects, landscapes, of myself, or of other people. Expressing a female perspective on themes such as erotica and kink, I believe in the subversive power of pleasure, whether it is derived from beauty, humor or sexuality. Employing current artistic tactics of appropriation and parody, my work is at the same time deeply inspired by traditional drawing and painting practices.

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