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Artist Statement

Like an Elvis impersonator who knows full well that his fantasy is his own creation, yet the reality of it stays fresh and vivid in his mind till the very moment when he releases his body from the tight suit that became known as the rock legends second skin, my work explores the thinness of the line that we tend to draw between real life and fiction.


I believe in the subversive power of pleasure, whether it is derived from beauty, humor or sexuality. Employing such artistic tactics as appropriation and parody, my work is at the same time deeply committed to traditional drawing and painting practices.  


My practice is intensely involved with the theme of transformations and fluidity. By using real life stories and images, my work explores the means by which drawing and painting can be used as performative tools, which allow for imaginative interpretations and alternative narratives to penetrate existence, in an attempt to claim reality as their own.

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