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About AYB

I`m happy to be taking part in the first edition of CICA Museum’s art book project “Art Yellow Book”. From the curator and editor Leejin Kim: The project provides a unique art space for artists. Unlike gallery spaces, art books are portable and ubiquitous. Unlike online media, books are tactile and “real.” Art Yellow Book aims to create a space where individual artists can freely express themselves and become media themselves.

Art Yellow Book #1 features 47 artists from around the world. Each artist freely organized two facing pages in the book, using these pages as an exhibition form for their work. There are no rules or restrictions regarding the layout, design, or content. If you would like to know more about the artists, visit their websites by scanning their QR codes, or contact them directly by email.

The exhibition will run from December 18th, 2015 till January 10th, 2016.

A short video made for the project. The videos of all participating artists appear in two clips here:

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