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2017    Art Habens Summer `17 Special Issue (Interview)
2017    Ll’artista Israeliana, al Magmma di Villacidro, Villacidro Info (Italian)
2017    Artist Statement - Exhibition Catalogue, CICA Museum, South Korea
2016    The Finalists Exhibition Catalogue, The Premio Marchionni Award for Contemporary Art   2015    
Art Yellow Book #1, CICA Museum, South Korea
2015    Exhibitions Preview 7.5.15, Jonathan H. Mishal (Hebrew)                                                         


2017    Leather Hard, 1280° Magazine for Contemporary Art and Ceramics (Hebrew)
2017    A Limbo of Transitional States, Erev Rav Online Magazine for Contemporary Art (Hebrew)

2014    Your KLI is Wonderful!, Itch Journal, Issue 12: Taboos (English)

2013    Your KLI is Wonderful!, Harama Magazine for Contemporary Art (Hebrew)

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