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About S&Q2

This project tells the life story of one person - Bruri, from birth to death. The world that I`m building for the protagonist is filled with a multitude of metamorphoses, such as that of objects, of landscapes and of gender. The series also allows for transformations of the libidinal energy, which travels from one body to the next, of the main character. Indeed, this character changes genders to facilitate the fantasy of how one`s intimate relationships would feel, when experienced through different bodies. 

Bruri is named after a nick name and alter ego of mine, from when I went to high school in the desert area of southern Israel. Within a close-knit group of friends, I took on the role of a motherly yet colorful character, who dispensed helpful albeit at times kinky advice to my wonderful daughters, two of which were male. A head of an alternative family like in Paris is Burning and a fashion icon in the middle of the wilderness like in The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, Bruri taught me what I always knew at heart to be true - that it`s perfectly ok to be a pink Elvis impersonator and a female drag queen, at the very same time.

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